Editorial Board:

The editorial board for SKIPS Anveshan (A Journal of Management Studies) will act as the highest authority for making decisions, providing expert guidance and reviewing all things related to SKIPS journal.

Editor Role & Responsibilities

  1. Providing guidelines to authors for preparing and submitting manuscripts
  2. Providing journal’s policies and guidelines and regularly reviewing the same for improvement.
  3. Considering all manuscripts with impartiality, fairness and objectivity.
  4. Protecting the confidentiality of every author’s work.
  5. Maintaining effective and rapid peer review with best standards.
  6. Establishing a procedure for reconsidering editorial decisions
  7. Describing, implementing, and regularly reviewing policies for handling ethical issues and allegations or findings of misconduct by authors and anyone involved in the peer review process.
  8. Developing mechanisms, in cooperation with the publisher, to ensure timely publication of accepted manuscripts
  9. Clearly communicating all other editorial policies and standards to the stakeholders.
  • Call for Papers

    Volume 3 Issue 1 – June 2022
    Last Date of Paper Submission 30th June 2022

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  • International Conference

    International Conference (Virtual Mode) on Sustainable Development on 07th August 2021

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