Sr. No List of Cases
1 Organic flavours Download
2 Serving Demanding Customers – A Challenge Download
3 Prefabricated houses in Australian Markets Download
4 Nestle Controversy in India Download
5 Advet Electricals Download
6 Organic Vegetables Download
7 HDI: Factors affecting the Development Download
8 World Cup Stats Saga Download
9 Jay’s Retirement Dilemma Download
10 Death of Movie Theatres Download
11 Some Dimensions of the Demand for Two-Wheelers in India Download
12 Changing dynamics of demand for petrol and diesel cars in Indian market Download
13 Adoption of Collar Strategy – A Case of Mr. Dixit (An Investor) Download
14 Case Study on HPCL Download
15 The Right Allocation Download
16 Sourcing Dilemma Download
17 Evaluating Strategic Intent of Praj Industries Download
18 Kia Motor Corporation Download
20 Capital Expenditure Decision Download
21 CEAT TYRES- The Captivating Culmination Download
22 Conflict in Incentive Calculation Download
23 HRP at Immunity Healthcare Services Download
24 The New Normal Download
25 Recovering a Tough Task Download
26 Dirty Waters Download
27 Ganga: A Brand Failure Saga Download
29 Perils of Stack Ranking Appraisal Method Download
30 Quasar Communications Download
31 PH WAR 5.5 Download
32 Satvik Bhojan Download
33 Need of the hour Download
34 A Classic Dilemma Download
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