From the Desk of the Director, SKIPS

Practice meets Theory at SKIPS where students are encouraged to share diverse perspectives and develop a holistic learning experience through a practical approach to theoretical ideas.

Education at SKIPS is grounded on the principles of discipline and innovation. Our students are encouraged to explore new dimensions in order to develop a holistic understanding of management practices. In this endeavor, research plays an important part.

Since its inception in 2008, SKIPS has seen a rise to become one of the most sought after business school in Ahmedabad. At SKIPS, we aims at meeting highest standards of knowledge and dissemination through research and pedagogy. Our faculties are encouraged to conduct research and publish their papers. This ensures that the curriculum is constantly enhanced with new inputs from the world of research, thereby nurturing a dynamic learning environment responsible for creating business leaders for the future.

At SKIPS, the rich thoughts of students are nurtured by the faculty and encouraged to transform them into action through proper guidance. Students as well as faculties are encouraged to carry out research in the field of management and thereby explore different dimensions of knowledge. To further this effort, SKIPS is proud to launch its own management journal SKIPS ANVESHAN (A Journal of Management Studies), which aims at providing a platform to academicians to promote, share and discuss various new issues and developments in areas of management.